Should Resolutions be Forgot, and Never Thought Upon?

by Cindy on January 17, 2012

Third week in January and many folks have abandoned their New Year’s resolution to adopt a healthy life style. For instance, my gym was crowded January 2nd, and already attendance has dwindled to the “regulars”. One of the trainers at the gym took a very informal poll. His clients who exercised routinely made no New Year’s resolutions, while his non-exercising friends and family made the customary New Year’s pledge to get back to the gym and out of the pantry. I’m sure you can guess how this turned out.

So my question is why do people continue to make life changing commitments at the start of each year, when they know the likelihood of them following through is minimal? I know that sounds harsh, but why not make a lifestyle change when you’re good and ready, not when the calendar tells you to.

Personally, I believe New Years is the worst time to make big changes. Number one, it is cold and dark, not exactly a motivational season. Second, many people have eaten so poorly over the past month and a half, that a radical change in their diet leaves them initially feeling lousy. Ideally, they should ease into a healthy diet, not jump in and have severe sugar withdrawal.

I commend anyone that wants to improve their lifestyle through diet and exercise. However, I suggest drop the “all or nothing New Year’s attitude” and adopt a few changes at a time. See how they fit into your life and continue to build on your healthy lifestyle. As an RN and Health Counselor one question I get frequently is “What is the best thing I can do to enhance my diet?” My answer is to increase your vegetable intake (especially the green leafy variety). Don’t focus on what you can’t eat; rather focus on how to get more vegetables in your diet. As you’re body becomes satisfied with the nutrients (believe me, you’re body is begging for them) you start to decrease the cravings for the sugary stuff.

Two sure-fire ways to incorporate the veggies in your diet is through smoothies and main-course salads. Visit Healthy Girl’s Kitchen for an incredibly comprehensive and delicious list of smoothie and salad dressing recipes.

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